Client Reviews

Rayla is the missing ingredient I needed to supercharge my work and my life. I began working with Rayla after seeing impactful results from a couple friends. From our first meeting, Rayla asked me very insightful questions. She is a talented, intuitive, and empowering coach. She is a great listener and strategist. She guided me through a process to think bigger and get out of my own way. In just 6 weeks, I have seen measurable results. I have transferred to an amazing, fulfilling career. I am savoring the beauty of life with my fabulous husband.
— Niki Wilson (Compliance Advisor, Raymond James)
Rayla is an invaluable source of advice, motivation, and guidance. She always goes above and beyond as a coach, mentor, and friend in order to develop a real personal relationship with me. The work she does is amazing and beyond words, and anyone who works with her will understand where I am coming from. She will give you her best at all times and ensure that you are doing the most to be both happy and successful.
— Diana Kelly (President and COO, Bedrosians Tile and Stone)
Rayla has a unique gift of simplifying tasks and beliefs to help you craft the best version of yourself. Her honesty, attention to detail, and uncanny knack of staying task oriented only highlights her passion for her work and clients. Rayla reminds you that it’s OK AND NORMAL to dream big and that your dreams are ATTAINABLE. The work she assigns is essential in aligning your vision, values, and even self-worth. I feel much more confident in my day-to-day interactions because of our sessions. I am very grateful for her support, wisdom, and guidance as I transition to clarity in my passion, work, and career.
— Calebria Webb (mezzo-soprano,
I chose to work with Rayla because she has always impressed me with her focus and determination in whatever she has chosen to do. She helped me think about the “bigger picture” and challenged me to define my truth. This was something that I always knew to be very important, but had never taken the time to carefully consider. Due to my time in our sessions, I am better armed to decide what are opportunities and what are distractions. Also, I took a giant leap of faith to work in a new city, and am now in a happy career in Chicago, IL. I have Rayla to thank for that.
— Sandra Batassa (Analytics Manager, Conagra Brands)
Rayla goes as far as to follow up with me in between sessions, always thinking of new ways to help me grow. She’s constantly motivating me to be the best at what I do. Prior to working together, I was really lacking a vision for myself. After several sessions with her, not only is my vision clear, but I also have a plan on how to turn that vision into a reality. I’m so grateful for Rayla’s dedication and commitment to inspiring me. There’s no way my vision would have ever been this clear without her. Thank you so much, Rayla!
— Jackie McGill (Owner, Jacklyn Rose Skincare)
I really love how Rayla takes the time to get to know her clients, so when you do have your first session, she already has a good understanding of how you want the future meetings to flow. Her passion and enthusiasm for life is beyond radiant and also contagious, that one can tell she wants what’s best for her clients. I am so thrilled to be working with Rayla and look forward to our sessions together! She guides me to become the best version of myself.
— Cintra Worthy (Merchandise Planner, Ulta Beauty)
By the end of my first session, I knew I needed to change paths in order to achieve my vision. Together, Rayla and I made a plan, I began reaching out to my network, and I now have a new job with an incredibly supportive manager. Today I work with an amazing team, sit in my first office, and am growing my skillset beyond what I thought possible. I continue to meet with Rayla monthly to discuss roadblocks, set goals, and have accountability. My biggest Rayla lesson? Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. So glad to have Rayla in my tribe!
— Miriam Gillespie (Product Manager, Raymond James)
During our time together, Rayla helped guide me into a more focused approach on how I think about my future, and how to focus my efforts towards action. I usually consider myself a “doer”... but just because I’m doing, doesn’t mean it’s effective. I think I’ve always struggled with focus, and although I had all of the ingredients, it was through Rayla’s coaching that I finally developed my own recipe. She also has a way of helping me think of things as big ideas, where I’m naturally more focused on the micro-details. Her guidance and support have allowed me to hit reset on the path I feel I have become aimless walking down, and now I am forming a path that will lead me into a future where I’m living the life I’m meant to live! It’s all about a Vision, Focus and Action!
— Jennifer Lawson (Owner, Jane’s Cupboard & Technical Product Manager, Vector Solutions)